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Internal Door Fitters Leicester & Loughborough

If you’re changing your internal doors it’s essential to call a qualified door fitter, as hanging doors requires skill! Call Sibson Joinery on 07860 355488

Sibson Joinery have been fitting and hanging doors for over 15 years in both domestic and commercial premises. We’ve probably fitted over 1000 doors in homes and on sites across the county.

If you need an internal door fitter in Leicester, contact Sibson Joinery Joinery on 07860 355488

We’ve fitted new doors, amended old doors, reversed doors, changed door frames, fitted front doors, shed doors, barn doors and bespoke doors of all kinds. Choosing a qualified carpenter to ensure you get a professional finish is essential.

There’s probably not a door scenario we’ve not encountered, so whatever your door plans are, we can help change them or refit them.

Why pay for door fitting?

Although door fitting can sound like an easy task, there is an art to hanging doors. This includes ensuring they are trimmed/planed in a straight line, making sure the hinges fit, making sure the door closes properly, perhaps amending the frame to fit the door, ensuring the gap around the door is equal, adding door stops and lock – the list goes on!

To ensure you get your door fitted correctly and evenly call Sibson Joinery today 07860 355488. We’ll ensure your door is fitted to exact standards ensuring a professional finish all round.


We have fitted thousands of doors, both new and old. We are experts in fitting internal doors, and guarantee a perfect finish.

  • Old & new doors fitted
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Professional Finish
  • Doors will open & close
  • Skilled Carpentry


  • How much does it cost to hang a door?

    Our price starts at £75 for an internal door. A back door starts at £120 and front door starts at £200.

  • Does your price include the door?

    No. Our price is for the labour only. All materials are purchased by the customer.

  • How long does it take to fit a door?

    This depends entirely on the condition of the frame and the door. Fitting a new door in a perfectly straight door case is faster than working with older frames that are likely to be bowed and not straight! We would say a minimum of an hour per door but this will be assessed when we quote for the job.

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